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Peruvian Coffee | World Class Flavor

Peruvian coffee is a type of coffee which has been grown in the country of Peru for centuries. Peru was also one of the first countries to use Arabica beans for their production purposes since they were introduced there back in 1545. Nowadays, Peruvian Coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee around the world. It is also exported to many countries around the globe and has become a very important part of Peruvian culture.


Where is Peruvian Coffee Grown?

You can find a lot Peruvian coffee beans in Cusco, which is located on the central coast of Peru. Some of the best is said to come from this area. Cusco has an ideal climate for growing these beans, with hot summers and cold winters. In addition to this, there are also several Peruvian coffee plantations around the Amazon regions of Peru like Pucallpa, where you can find very good Peruvian coffee too!

What Makes Peruvian Coffee So Special?

The main reason why people are raving about Peruvian Coffee is that it has a very unique taste compared to other types of coffees around the world. Most people who have tried this type of coffee have been amazed by its rich, bold and complex flavor profile. The reason why Peruvian Coffee is so special is because it has a very distinct taste that can only be described as “earthy”. This means that the coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Peru which are located at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level. The combination of these factors results in a coffee bean with more than 60% caffeine content. That being said, you will not find any other types of coffees around the world with such high levels of caffeine content!

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