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Our Brand

The word “allpa” means “earth” in Quechua, the language of the Incas who possessed a strong respect for Mother Earth. 


Through our travels we’ve come to realize that food is one of the most important aspects of any culture. From unique mouth watering spices to eye-catching exotic fruits and vegetables, every culture has a story to tell through its food. 

Tropical Leaves

Our Mission

To provide wholesome and natural food products that tell a cultural story.

Ground Coffee

Our Hope

To bring people of different backgrounds closer together by providing the most natural and wholesome food products from around the world. 

We hope through our products you can learn more about the culture behind it and see the uniqueness that it has to offer.

Machu Pichu

Why Peruvian Coffee?

Why did we choose to make coffee from Peru our very first Allpa product? We felt that by crafting an Organic Peruvian Coffee we were bringing a product that fully represented our brand. Peru has an extremely rich culture including a diverse gastronomy. We felt that coffee from Peru is very rich but very under-represented to specialty coffee lovers everywhere. We hope that by introducing this wonderfully crafted single origin coffee from Peru you get to see what we stand for. 

Coffee on Table
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